Earful: July

This post is long overdue. However, I didn't realize how overdue it was until recently when I received a question on Instagram about how I plan my outfits. The truth is I don't plan my outfits but I do rely heavily on accessories to transform my looks into the outfits you all have come to know and love. That brings me to today’s subject: earrrrrrrrrrings! The transformative power of earrings is unmatched. They can sculpt a face or break an outfit and because they are being released in so many different contours, materials, and lusters earrings are able to make a dull outfit playful. Below, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite earrings for the month of July. Each adornment is so different from the next they are apt for any disposition I might be feeling on any particular day.

I present my faves:

July Acc 3.jpg

I wore these on an extremely warm day this year and convinced people that the sun was causing my earrings to melt (lol @ the gullible). I thrifted these from my job and they caught my eye because of their simplistic curves. They look great with prints and lend an air of excitement to monochromatic looks.

July Accessories.jpg

The marbled accessory trend is everywhere right now. I love them because of the nod to the retro. I wear these earrings with everything. EVERYTHING! Technically, they are a print, however, the complexity they provide to a print is second to none. I don’t like my outfits to be easily replicated so the more (good) complexity, the better.

July Acc. 1.jpg

What is more ladylike than pearls? The July baby in me can never pass up on a good pearl no matter how dated they can appear at times. This earring encompasses the best of my worlds: modern and distinctive. The gold hoop allows me to still remain this is decade while the pearls are a personal preference I can’t seem to relinquish. I wear these all the time with slip dresses and to add a lil’ joie de vivre to the austerity.

July Acc. 2 .jpg

I got these beauties when I collabed with Lou & Grey and I haven’t been able to put them down since. They look good with so many pieces I own and I really appreciate that in an accessorial piece. I like when the pieces I own are multifaceted and Machete is a great retailer if that is what you are looking for. The shape looks different enough to extract compliments from strangers and color doesn’t hurt either. The dark green color will be perfect this fall but I’m making sure to get great use out of them in the meantime.

Which earring is your fave a why? Let's discuss in the comment's yall!