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Good Morning, Love

Yaminah Mayo1 Comment
Good Morning, Love

As of late, the progression of my day is determined by how peaceful my mornings are...

If my morning starts in chaos, I can pretty much predict that my day will spiral. I really seek out peace and serenity in the morning because the world imposes its craziness on me the minute I walk out my front door.

The first thing I do it in morning is read an affirmation. My main go-to is Iyanla Vanzant’s Acts of Faith. The meditations are for people of color and it equips me with the tools I need to get with the day with a positive mindset.

Next, I listen to the Affirmation Podcast. My mornings are open right now so I listen to the podcast with a lavender scented eye mask and I lay in complete stillness. The eye mask prevents me from getting distracted and the lavender is calming--aromatherapy is great way to wake up and start the day. I usually listen to three episodes because each episode is approximately 3-4 minutes long. My favorites are the episodes centered around creativity, clarity, and stress.


After I wake up, it takes me approximately 25 minutes to get out of bed. It takes me this long because I refuse to plant my feet on the ground until I am mentally ready. I swear after 20 minutes of meditation, I practically float to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Every morning starts off with a bowl of oatmeal and two cups of jasmine green tea. I used to drink smoothies in the morning and it wouldn’t keep me full enough and I found myself binging. No bueno. I throw a mosh posh of tings in my oatmeal: chia, flaxseed, maca root powder, cranberries, and raw honey. I love hot cereal because it keeps me full for at least two hours until I take a smoothie or fruit break.

While I eat I love to watch television but I’m trying to make healthier changes so I’ve begun listening to podcasts that fill my space with positivity. My fave: The Friend Zone podcast. I looove that it balances ratchet and mental wellness so well. I take away so many tools that add to my creative and wellness arsenal. Thank God for podcasts!


Once I finish eating, I light some palo santo to reset the energy in my room because aromatherapy can immediately change my mood and calm me. I set my vitamin case next to the incense so that I can remember to take them every day and this is the most regular I’ve ever been with my vitamin regimen.

After all that……………………...I begin checking social media and emails. Womp.


My morning routine is all about granting myself the peace and tranquility the world will most certainly try to erode. Investing in myself for one or two hours every morning is a bare necessity for me. It’s been so useful for my sanity and has kept my stress at bay because my morning routine is teaching me to be present. Morning routines are a time to connect with yourself. It's also a great time to assess your needs for the day. An effective morning routine will keep you enclosed in a fortress of mental and emotional protection. It’s all about the safekeeping of your being.

What things do you implement in your morning routine?