Get Me Bodied

Get Me Bodied

This post is dedicated to the folks who have crawled out of the sunken place and finally decided that moisturizing with coconut oil is trash. It’s amazing to cook with but for all the oil stains that have presented themselves my slip dresses and sheets-- it’s not worth it. I have compiled a list of my three favorite moisturizers that make my nighttime routine a breeze and keep my skin feeling like satin.

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Shea Moisture

This lotion is sooo thick that I haven’t seen a crack of ash all winter. I usually have to spray some rose water in my hand to loosen up the formula but it’s not a problem because the smell is so intoxicating. I love how silky my skin feels once I’m done slathering my body. The only downside I can think of is how much I have to work the product in before my skin absorbs it but I told you before that I hadn’t seen a crack of ash all winter…

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African Shea Butter

All my New Yorkers can attest to the magic of this product. For only $5, and a trip to the Harlem African Market, you can walk away with six months of moisturizer. It is the TRUTH. I love that this quality product is so accessible, unlike the high-end products that cost a fortune and/or an appendage. The beauty of shea butter is that you can customize it to your liking. I like to blend it with lavender, eucalyptus, and rosehip oil in my food processor. Depending on how much oil I add, I can determine the thickness. Amazing, right?! the words of every broke car passenger, I can definitely attest that “I have $5 on it”.

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Coconut Body Butter

I stood in the “beauty” aisle of Trader Joe’s earlier this week and recommended that a very well known podcaster get this product. She never asked for my input but after I said, and I quote, “Oh, it’s the best thing you can buy!” I felt that maybe there was no choice left to make. It is a Top Five beauty product. It has all the things that I am looking for: slip, the longevity of use, minimal scent, and maximum moisture. I know a #BeautyBae when I try it. For $5.99, it’s not as long lasting as African shea butter but a little goes a long way and that’s plenty for me.