All in a Day's Meals

All in a Day's Meals

Food is a scam. Having to repeatedly feed myself to continue living is a racket I habitually find myself participating in. Rather, the act of buying groceries is the fraudulent scheme to which I am referring because eating, for me, is an unwavering pleasure even in my pursuit of overall health. I get a lot of questions inquiring about my weekly meal preps and what I eat in a day. I’m not a health/fitness “guru”, I simply eat what makes me feel good and gives me peace of mind. Sometimes, peace of mind includes Popeye’s biscuits. That’s simply the way the wind blows sometimes. However, for those that are interested, I will detail what I typically consume in a day (if I meal prep). It’s probably all from Trader Joe’s because that’s the only store I frequent besides Whole Foods for produce and specialty items. My regimen is as follows:

Wake Up (7:30a): Green Tea

I workout between 8 and 9 in the morning. I don’t eat first thing in the morning because 1.) I prefer fasted workouts and 2.) I almost regurgitated my smoothie last time I ate before working out. Green tea also helps me wake up. Besides the caffeine helping to ease me into my day, the act of moving around also jolts me awake and keeps me from lounging around on Instagram.

Breakfast (9:30a-10:30a): Sriracha Eggs, Avocado Toast, Green Smoothie

Sriracha Eggs.gif
Avocado Toast .gif

My boyfriend hipped me to mixing a little sriracha into raw eggs before cooking them for a kick of flavor and I am forever indebted to him for that. I pair the eggs with sprouted whole wheat sourdough bread from TJ’s and spread a quarter of an avocado over it. I spruce up the toast with TJ’s 21 Seasonings Salute, a teaspoon of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of salt an pepper. Delish!

(I am not a health nut so TRUST ME when I tell you the sprouted sourdough bread from Trader Joe’s is the light unto my path, y’all.)

Lunch (1p-3:30p): Grilled Cheese, Salad, Water

Grilled Cheese.gif

Again, with the sprouted bread?! Yes, I fire up the stove add a little butter to the bread and proceed to melt the cheese. The outcome is a surreal grilled cheese experience that doesn’t make my blood sugar spike like white bread. My salad is simple: Tuscan kale, minced broccoli slaw and a tablespoon of Chosen Food’s chipotle mayo dressing (it’s worth the $9).

Snack (4p-6:30p): Chips and Guacamole / Chomps Beef Jerky stick / KIND Cinnamon Granola Bar / Trader Joe’s Movie Theater Popcorn

Chips + Guac.gif


Preferred chip/guacamole brand: Trader Joe’s Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips / Avocado's Number Guacamole

Dinner (7p+): Large Salad


I used to get underwhelmed when I saw the word “salad” because the image associated with the word was bland, stiff spinach leaf, barely covered in a vinaigrette dressing mixed with arugula. YUCK! I’m gagging just thinking about the salads I used to make. I was doing the salad thing 1000% wrong! Now, that I’ve given myself time, space, and patience to get my recipes together, I have an alternative to my usual go-to of sautéed broccoli and a starchy side dish.

I chop up some tequila lime chicken breast, broccoli slaw, and avocado. I then massage two handfuls of Tuscan kale into a bowl until it matches the softness I typically like my greens to have. I layer all my chopped ingredients atop the kale and finish the salad off with Trader Joe’s Cilantro Salad Dressing. Lawd! It’s so good.

...and there you have it, y’all. A full day’s breakdown of my meals. Fret not, however, because this is just the beginning of my food series Pot Licker. In the Pot Licker tab, you’ll be able to find all my food prep tips, recipes, and tricks! Let me know in the comments what you like to cook and eat throughout the day.