Yaminah Mayo2 Comments


Yaminah Mayo2 Comments

Eating one meal of vegetables five days a week has been my weekly goal since the start of 2019. To prove my sincerity, I wrote three New Years Resolutions and vegetables topped every draft from the first to the final. I’m even on this Weight Watchers journey with my mom to try and live a more vegetable enriched and active life. Extra emphasis on “try”. Some weeks involve me angrily noshing on Ferrero Rochers (a.k.a Hazelnut Crack) than brown rice and kale but that’s: 1.) okay and 2.) beside the point. What really matters is that for the past two weeks I have been getting with the program (pun intended) and eating more whole, fibrous foods that have led to surprising results outside of a euphoric endorphin high after a pilates class.

The surprising result: my wardrobe.


No, I’m not talking about weight loss. I don’t push diet culture rhetoric here. Instead, I’m referring to the color and vitamin-rich foods that have bled over into my clothes. My plate has transformed into a sartorial pantry.


For example, this ensemble is a culmination of the green vegetables present in my fridge this week: Tuscan kale (fabulous in a burrito bowl) and broccoli (fabulous all around). The boots represent the avocados I purchased 12 hours ago...you know how that story goes. The monochromatism and relaxed silhouette are a mere bonus. The vibrant dress which I’ve typically reserved for spring and summer has been holding me and my cravings together in the crux of winter with a gentle colorful reminder about the course I’ve embarked on. A reminder to be happy and have fun in my body while working on the areas I’ve habitually struggled with.

Who would've thought that eating a head of broccoli every other day would entice me to dress like one?

Pants: ASOS / Sweater: J. Crew / Boots: TopShop

***Disclosure: I am NOT pushing weight loss. If I bring up eating more well-rounded meals, I am not trying to push the idea that weight loss is the ultimate goal.