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Struck a Cord

Yaminah Mayo2 Comments
Struck a Cord

How a respite from New York is keeping me sane and creating motivation both aesthetically and professionally.


2019 is a year of accomplishing things. From my podcast to professional aspirations, I fully intend to make this year mine. I am in it fulfillment of myself. The first step of fulfilling that intention was reserving the month of January to pour into myself and fill my own cup. I booked trips, set the dinner dates, reminded friends to keep me accountable, and gave myself specific goals like publishing these blurbs whether I find my words Pulitzer-worthy or not. This is a year of growth.

Speaking of booked trips and growth, I decided to kick off my month of replenishment in Los Angeles. I wanted to start my month in a slower environment. Compared to New York, L.A. (between rush hours) could be Arizona. It’s slow. I’m perched a bungalow in the hills of this city, removed from the bustling streets of downtown, and I’m forced to really focus of living in the moment. I wake up before the sun (thanks jet lag) and I dance my way to the bathroom because being in this new environment devoid of responsibility and expectation makes me happy. I can write, breathe, and be freely.


I’m not going to lie, though. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get out the house and see everything the city has to offer when I landed. I wanted to take all the pictures and get the best Instagram photos. However, after a little introspection and a quick Google, I realized that it’s okay to take it easy because: 1.) Los Angeles is a homebody’s town. It is perfectly okay to never leave the house here other than to grab dinner. 2.) My favorite restaurant doesn’t open until 6pm. 3.) Maybe I should move here because #1 is MIGHTY appealing.

Chill, sis.

Anywho, I threw this outfit on after I took a nap and watched Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah…twice. I really took the “treat yourself” message to heart and decided to look cute on my way to a solo dinner date with myself. I figured I needed to eat and surmised that the best way to combat the brisk L.A. temperatures as of late was to throw on a corduroy suit. The Maryam Nassir-Zadeh sandals add a pop of color to the monochromatic fit and switch up the texture a bit. I deduced that if I’m going to move slowly, I better stand out. I’m sure this outfit did the trick.

Suit: ASOS / Top: Babaton / Shoes: Maryam Nassir-Zadeh