Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth

Moving, fighting with my landlord, being on three separate deadlines, AND starting a new job are good excuses for my inconsistency, right?


Anywho, the last time we convened, it was Spring-ish. April showers were in full force, the skies were consistently overcast and the temperatures could still chill my bones through a full Jil Sander leather jacket. Nowadays, the sun isn’t setting until 8pm and I can finally show a lil’ skin. I think I’ve shown too much because I have a slight tan and the temperature has yet to reach its peak! Luckily, I’ve already prepared for the oppressive humidity and high temperatures. The key, you may be wondering, is silk. My summer regime will be full of silk shirts, pants, and slip dresses like the one pictured above. I snagged this wonder at a thrift store. An associate recommended it to me noting that I look great in red. I couldn’t disagree once I slipped (no pun intended) it on.


The weight is so light and the color is really piercing and standouts on the busy New York streets. In a sea of black, I shall be the dame in red. No but really. In addition to hoarding silk, a lot of my clothes have been in on the crimson spectrum. I can’t recall my affinity for the color but it’s really bold and I believe the color is bringing that personality characteristic out of me. What are you all wearing this summer? Is it too early to discuss those things? Let’s chat below!