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Warm and Fuzzies

Yaminah Mayo1 Comment
Warm and Fuzzies

Everyone loves the warm and fuzzies. They’re typically the telltale sign of love, of comfort, of happiness. It’s joy that comes from a warm cup of tea on a blistering cold day or the happiness that can be felt all the way into your toes when a friend calls to check in on you for no reason at all. It’s unparalleled. What if I told you that those feelings could be matched with clothing? Would you believe me?


Well it can and it has happened to me. When I came across this sweater at a thrift store in Brooklyn (per usual). It met all of my requirements: vibrant color, textured, and complete with a flattering silhouette. The minute I got my afro through the neck hole, I knew it would be a match made it heaven. A jolt of electricity shot through my body. That jolt is typically reserved for Gucci loafers on additional discount on TheRealReal. It also didn’t hurt that the sweater is warm and fuzzy in the literal sense either. Mohair gets a bad wrap for being itchy but I find it utterly luxurious. Where else can you find a fiber that produces such magnificent texture? I will wait…


This sweater was too good to pair with jeans alone -though I am not opposed. Today, however, I donned a sleek, vibrant red pant by Calvin Klein and an equally vivid red flat with a sculpted heel by Zara. It seems like a lot of color but really is there a such thing when the sun is basically setting at 1:45pm everyday? Black is necessary for any wardrobe but during the rough and gloomy months of winter the falsehoods of “too much color” go right out the window.

…and to prove my theory true, I once wore a ridiculously colorful and chic outfit to SweetGreen and got a free salad. I also wore an outfit similar to the one above to Trader Joe’s and got a free salmon filet and loaf of sourdough so is drawing attention from too much color really bad?


I’m typing all of this to say texture makes people (me) very happy. I love the way I feel when I spot a great sweater in my peripheral. Texture and silhouette add A LOT to an outfit and it makes getting dressed every morning a lot easier. How wonderful it is to throw on a pant and mohair or equally fuzzy sweater and look ridiculously chic in five minutes?! Be like me. Wear a ridiculously fuzzy or textured sweater. Look like an angora goat. Get a free salad from SweetGreen or salmon filet from Trader Joe’s. Get an extra ten minutes of sleep. Get warm and fuzzy. Let’s get this (side of) bread!

Sweater: Vintage / Pants: Calvin Klein / Shoes + Earrings: Zara (Thrifted)