Jewel Toned

Jewel tones. There’s no other option but to love them...

When their rich pigments of gold, fuchsia, and emerald warm up the fibers of a garment, it can make the most insufferable winter day bearable. I’ve been needing that as of late. A lot has been happening with work and the weather, being so gloomy and cold, I’ve found myself donning the same, habitual outfits just to make it through the day. Last week I decided, enough was enough! When I was in Philadelphia (the best city for food ever!) after Christmas, I and my mom stumbled upon this wondrous sale at Forever21 where I copped this fluffy sweater. Forever21 is not my main go-to for fashion but at 50% off storewide...I could make one slight exception. My Top Shop skirt you may recognize from this past summer but when accessorized with a "mohair" sweater, socks, and gold hoops, the skirt takes on a completely different, more seasonal, look-as if it belongs in sub-freezing temperatures. When it's not 13º outside, the sandal CAN, and does, work. It's as if by donning a sandal I'm telling my body/mind that winter doesn't exist. (I believe this is why the placebo effect was created). All in all, accessories and textures aside, the best element of this outfit is its boldness. All the colors are loud and, yet, work together for the greater good. I feel strong and I love that all the S.A.D. (seasonal affectively depressed) people in New York look at me like the pink Himalayan sea salt lamp by their bedside- with the hope that they too can survive another day winter.