Minnie: Live From SoHo?

Minnie: Live From SoHo?

If clothing stores around the world burned down tomorrow, I don't think I'd care. Skirts are eh, shirts are such a labor of love, and bras are...don't even get me started. However, if jumpsuits disappeared from the face of the earth, I may just have a psychological break. Jumpsuits are the cornerstone of my wardrobe. They are the hot sauce in my bag, the ice cream to my cone, and/or the diet needed to cure my adult acne (more on this in a later post).

Jumpsuits are both practical and flattering (in most cases). They can act as an entire outfit or play as pants underneath a beautifully structured sweater. In addition, most work well sans bra - an added bonus and offer my world a glimpse of side boob- a date night trifecta! I love jumpsuits because I can throw one on and be on the door in under 20 minutes, beating both the heat and my disdain for getting dressed in one shot!

Originally, I threw on this jumpsuit with a lightweight black sweater but NYC is humid and sticky so I removed it in a post office as I paid my rent (classy). I ran the rest of my errands shirtless and braless, two things noticed immediately by my boyfriend when I met him in SoHo. Once I strong-armed him into taking these photos I noticed that my look fortuitously became inspired by Minnie Ripperton's iconic album cover...afro, color scheme and all.

Jumpsuit Thrifted / Shoes Zara