The Brunch Crunch

The Brunch Crunch

Picture it. Brooklyn. 2017. Sunday morning. You awaken from your sleep and feel a hunger pang so intense you think that something may be physiologically wrong with you. You drag yourself to the kitchen and see nothing there minus a jar of almond butter (no bread) and 2 black bananas (don't judge me, okay?). Luckily, your partner in crime is over your feigned attempts to cook and suggests the two of you go and grab food. Prayer answered: yes but what to wear?

That is where the brunch crunch (noun. Definition: dressing for brunch in a lazy, unmotivated, or speedy manner) factors in. I don't believe brunch outfits need to be real outfits with silhouette and structure deliberated. In my simplistic belief, the wearer only needs to be two things: comfortable and ready in five minutes. For example, my denim bra. The amazing garment that catcallers and friends alike love was donned to avoid and/or hide queso spills. My striped forest green trousers were sported on account of the elastic waist band, perfect for inhaling copious amounts of food. The result of this week's brunch crunch? An outfit that I wasn't ashamed to put on Instagram. They don't all turn out this lovely and carefree but when they's nice.