No But For Real Though...

No But For Real Though...

Okay, this is my blog. I pay the monthly fee to be so graciously hosted on this site and I need to get some tings off my chest. Last week, I was so anxious because birthdays aren't a huge deal to me physically but I look at them as an opportunity for renewal and change. I even write out resolutions for my birthday rather than New Years because I know I'm not changing a damn thing in the dead of winter. Nonetheless, I felt a lot of pressure this past week because I want so badly to manifest my dreams into reality but I'm playing it safe and expecting the Universe to do the leg work. 

I want to be able to dictate my own schedule, projects, and life. I want to be able to see consistent work - and I don't mean that tokenism shit publications try to pull. I want to make time for the ones I love - this has been a MAJOR area of lacking but I'm getting better. However, if I don't actively work towards those things in the midst of being at a job I hate, how will these things I aspire to reveal themselves?

"Ask for what you want, then be prepared to get it." -Maya Angelou