Yaminah MayoComment


Yaminah MayoComment

If I could eat snacks in lieu of a meal, I would. 

I have nothing against three square meals but here in New York, who has the time? Snacks are convenient, they taste good, and, in the winter months, a cookie can really get me out of the funk of daylight savings time. A favorite abettor of mine? Trader Joe 's. Nothing brings me joy quite like walking into an empty Trader Joe's and having a peruse down the snack aisle. Below, I've listed five of my favorites snacks that sometimes blur the lines of what constitutes a "meal".


Trader Joe's Olive Oil Popcorn

This hidden gem is usually the third thing I grab when in the snack aisle. I think about the late nights I'll spend awake, watching YouTube videos and the late night hunger pangs suddenly jerk my arms towards the bag. This popcorn is seriously addictive. I don't know if it's the salt or the olive oil but I can never just eat one bowl. 


Black Bean and Quinoa Tortilla Chips / Cowboy Caviar

Do not be fooled: I am the least vegan person alive. Yes, I partake in coconut milk when I drink a turmeric latte but meats and cheeses are still my first loves. You barely taste the healthy components of this snack. I say the black beans merely enhance the flavor of the corn. Amaze-balls. Cowboy Caviar, on the other hand, is a boost of flavor and magnificence that can only be experienced. It's a salsa of sorts that, when added to the aforementioned chip, is lowkey a meal within itself.

...just add cheese. 


Speculoos (Crunchy) Cookie Butter

It had it's Tumblr moment which, like most things on Tumblr, suddenly died shrouded in mystery. I joined the bandwagon late but I quickly came to my senses. This is a shapeshifter of the snack world. Cookie butter can go on pretzels, toasts, apples, and spoons. Brioche and sourdough bread would be remise without it...


Rice Cracker Medley

Sweet and savory is the only way to describe this assembly of flavor. You have crispy and crunchy, tangy and spicy, sweet potatoes and wasabi peas mingling in a bag. Who wouldn't grab for this? The thought process for eating this is zero because I've literally finished half a bag in one episode of Law & Order: SVU.


Cowboy Bark

Maybe it's because I'm from the west coast, maybe it's because I loved Will Smith in Wild, Wild West but I have an obsession with "cowboy" being in the name of a dish. This snack is a favorite of my mom's. She raved about this chocolate medley when I went to visit once and I've been hooked ever since. This I can eat in moderation because I love salt more than sugar but when I indulge, I can satisfy whatever hankering my sweet tooth had.