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I Love New York

Yaminah Mayo1 Comment
I Love New York

The year of our Lord 2017 has been pure unadulterated trash.

Trump is still in the White House- tracks still unblended. Congress is trying to repeal every constitutional right we have sans our ability to pay taxes, white supremacy has heights unwitnessed by my generations- millennials, and Raven Symoné is still from 50 continents in Africa. Through the peaks (Trump’s Twitter being deleted for twelve minutes) and the valleys (Trump’s wig nearly starting a nuclear war with the North Korean version of Trump), I’ve found solace in the crevices of the interwebs, in places such as Twitter and Instagram Stories. I find joy in searching for different interpretations of political issues and the Sunday night #InsecureHBO hashtag. Through it all, however, one figure remained consistent in 2017, articulating the various feelings, both the jovial and disconsolate emotions that I have experienced. That figure is one Ms. Tiffany Pollard b.k.a. New York!

From reminding folks of the importance of minding their business via telling them to eat their food to perfectly articulating everyone’s love of Beyoncé, Tiffany has been subsisting. New York is not just the prototype for the behavior of reality television stars today, she was noticeably complicated and multilayered. No one really liked New York upon the first impression. She always skewed the lines of the problematic cousin that is too bourgeois for family functions yet her wig has no part and the best friend you have to love out of obligation and blackmail. She was familiar. Her carefreeness departed the Tumblr interpretation but New York was ambitious, knew what she wanted (Flava Flav- gross), and with tunnel vision, she pursued him unphased by the basic women in the house- and in her way. That quality I eventually came to admire because Black women are taught to never step on toes, to be gracious, hospitable and through goodwill, our time will come. New York did not follow that gospel. She was not about sisterhood but she is somehow helping me get through 2017 because, in a brazen and unabashed way, her presence has been evergreen for over a decade. Down to body language, New York represents the millennial angst regarding politics, employment, dating, and white supremacy. There is not a Black Twitter topic in existence sans a reference to New York’s larger than life personality.

For example, Tiffany is the personification of what happens when your friends just arrived to pick you up for a party but you just took your bra off:

NY 1.gif

...or when  you found out that conservative voters weren't aware that Obamacare was the same thing as the Affordable Care Act: 

New York 2.gif

Tiffany even reflects your reaction to the economically unstable thinking net neutrality is a bad idea. Without it, who will they troll?!

New York 4.gif

New York even perfectly articulates the sentiment women feel when men/women have negative input about women being on the other side of a sexual power play.

New York 6.gif

When all else around me is flailing, I still extend gratitude to my lifetime crossed paths with New York's. She exuded a loud confidence and awareness of herself that was rare to see in the early aughts. That alone is Black excellence. Is there anything New York can't do?